Which Fabric Is Best for The Laundry Basket?

When it comes to storage, transportation, and the organization of laundry, laundry baskets are the first things that come into mind. They are available in various types and are made of different kinds of materials. So, it becomes important to check the type of material before buying a laundry basket. 

Normally, many people look for fabric laundry baskets because they are lightweight, foldable, affordable, and easy to use. There are many types of fabric laundry baskets available, so many people get confused when deciding which fabric laundry basket to buy. 

You first need to know which fabric is best for the laundry basket before choosing a fabric laundry basket. In this article, we will discuss different types of fabrics used in laundry baskets so that you can have an idea of which laundry basket to choose. 

Different Types of Fabrics Used for Making Laundry Baskets

Types of Fabrics Used for Making Laundry Baskets

  • Cotton

Cotton is one of the popular fabrics used for making laundry baskets. You can find a variety of cotton laundry baskets in different designs and shapes.  These laundry baskets are simple to use because they are foldable and lightweight. You can use them for storage and transportation of dry clothes because wet clothes can make the basket wet. 

But some cotton laundry baskets come with a waterproof coating that makes them ideal for various purposes. Also, it becomes very simple to clean the laundry basket with just a wipe because of the waterproof coating. Cotton laundry baskets usually have a wireframe to retain their natural shape. 

Cotton fabric is known for its breathability and durability. So, cotton laundry baskets will keep your clothes safe and fresh. If you are looking for a versatile, high-quality, and good-looking laundry basket, you can consider using a cotton laundry basket. 

  • Polyester 

Polyester is another popular material used for making laundry baskets. It is a man-made polymer or a synthetic material that is widely used for clothing, upholstery, blankets, and other items. Polyester fabric is durable and offers resistance to many chemicals. Apart from that, it offers resistance to wrinkle, abrasion, and stretching. 

This material is strong and lightweight, so it is great for the transportation of laundry. With a polyester laundry basket, you can easily store and carry your clothes from one room to another. Also, these laundry baskets retain their shape properly, which makes it easier to put clothes in the basket. 

Unlike cotton fabric, polyester is poot at moisture absorption, so it can be easily washed and dried. This material is also ideal for outdoor use. You can choose a polyester laundry basket to ensure maximum durability and use it for a long time. 

  • Oxford Fabric 

Oxford fabric is a type of woven material and is known for its versatility. It is used for clothing, home decor, bags, tents, suitcases, sleeping bags, and other purposes. This fabric is easy to wash and can maintain its shape properly. It is affordable and doesn’t require extra care. If you have an oxford laundry basket, you can use it for many different purposes. 

These laundry baskets are an excellent combination of durability and versatility. This fabric is thicker and warmer, so it makes an excellent choice for laundry baskets. It is breathable and is easy to take care of. Moreover, it is sturdy and available in various types. 

So, when buying an oxford laundry basket, you should check the quality of the material and then purchase it. Oxford laundry baskets also come with waterproof coating inside for better usability. 

  • Canvas Fabric 

Another popular fabric used for making laundry baskets is canvas fabric. This type of fabric is thick, sturdy, durable, and strong. Canvas laundry baskets can be used for a long time because they provide maximum durability. They maintain their shape, which allows you to keep your clothes with minimal effort. Apart from that, canvas laundry baskets are available in various designs and shapes.

This fabric is usually made of cotton, linen, synthetic, or hemp fabric. It is tightly woven and is extremely strong. Also, they come with a waterproof coating to let you use the laundry basket for various purposes. 

  • Linen Fabric 

Linen is another popular material used for making laundry baskets. It has high strength compared to cotton, so it is one of the most durable materials. Also, this fabric has resistance to abrasion, so it is suitable for daily use. Linen is made of natural flax, so there is no chance of allergic reactions. 

It is machine washable and easy to take care of. Linen laundry baskets are durable, good-looking, and lightweight. They come with waterproof coating and are collapsible in nature. 


When buying a fabric laundry basket, you will have several options to choose from. But which fabric you will love to use depends on your preferences and needs. So, you should check different fabrics and choose the right fabric laundry basket.    

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